Camping Checklist

6a03f32ed693157b1084a73d95cc4058Going for an outdoor adventure or trip is always exciting. My cousin who works at boston water damage restoration was telling me that Let it be trekking or camping at any destination, it is always a great opportunity to learn to survive in natural conditions, away from the luxuries and comforts of home. However as they say that prevention is better than cure, one should be well prepared before going for an outdoor adventure to turn it into a complete success.
So the first thing that should be investigated in detail is about the place  you are going for the camping. Investigate about the weather is it sunny or raining on the spot you are planning to vamp as you don’t want to end up putting up your tent in a normal place a night before and waking up in a muddy puddle., which is common in rainy season and the area of soft land. Investigate about what kind of clothes will be perfect for your campsite.
The checklist to be followed to the camping site includes appropriate tent, cloth for the ground, poles, ropes, shades, axe etc, everything that you will require for a comfortable camping shelter. For bedding take your pillows, sleeping bags, bed sheets, air pumps and a repair kit for air mattress if taking one along.
For cooking while camping, take a stove, large bucket or containers for water, plates, bowls and required cutlery, trash bags, silverware, some disposable stuff, paper towels, glasses, dishwasher liquid, measuring cups, tongs, forks, food storage containers etc.
In your cloth section take the clothes that are comfortable in accordance to the wether. Try packing loose and comfortable clothing with pair of shoes in order to maintain your comfort level during camping. Caps, hats, sunglasses can be packed along in order to be protected from shade of the sun. Try packing rain clothes in case you are going to a swampy area.
Your personal stuff kit should include all required toiletries, sunscreen lotion, moisturisers, skin chafing lotion etc. One should also carry a full fledge First aid Kit in case of emergencies. The first aid kit should include personal medication, bandits, antiseptic lotions, antiseptic wipes, bandages, heat packs, sterilized gauge, tweezers, burn ointments, snake bite kit, paper bags, regular flu tablets, painkillers and fever tablets, mirror and most important emergency contact numbers along with you. One should always be prepared with emergency first aid steps like CPR, steps to be performed in snake bite, fire etc to avoid miss happenings at camp site.                                                          The other stuff that will be a great help at the campsite includes the extra batteries, phone chargers, two way phones like the walkie-talkie, fire extinguisher, duct tapes, binoculars, rope, note pad and pen, watch, alarm clock, money or change for phone calls, tissues, water bottles, lanterns, candles, etc.
And you are all set to go for your outdoor adventure. Happy Camping!

Limousine History


Have you ever experienced a ride in limousine? If your answer is yes, then you would have been wondering what the history of the car is all about which people all enjoy. A limousine is recognized as a high class sedan that has an elongated body driven by a chauffeur. The stretched version of limousine can be found in black and white and it is used mostly by the interested people for special occasion such as weddings, birthdays or business events. In case you are in search of additional protection and safety in limousine service, you can get bulletproof glass and armoring that is used to protect the high profile customers like celebrities and president.

The first limousine was first invented in 1902 while the first stretch limousine was designed in 1928 to escort big band stars with their instruments to their gigs across the country. Ever since then, the popularity of limousine began to increase and became a business for the bigger companies for limousine services to provide quantity and quality business transportation market. The present limousine as we all aware has a glass window that partitioned the driver from the passenger. This is very important for the stars that make use of limousine services New Braunfels as their major means of transportation. Hence, they can maintain their privacy in everything they do. In case you will like to talk to your driver through the window, the best gadget to use is intercom or roll down the window.

You might have seen one of the latest models of limousines out there with elegant and luxurious value which is also called exotic limousine. Some of the models that are much classier have the real hot tub in the limo which has to be backed up by additional rear wheels. Some of the makers of limousines services include Bentley, Cadillac, jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. All these manufacturers are impressive. Another interesting limo is novelty limousine which is out and around the road nowadays just like Hummer or F650 Truck with elongated body. It is always full of fun to see one of these cars out on the road.

Exploring The Fascinating Garden City of Singapore

A visit to the Gardens – By New Braunfels Sprinkler Repair Blog Team

Singapore resembles a fascinating garden city which has 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves. More than 50% of Singapore is covered by greenery. Residential houses flourished all over the island, and all around the clean city.

The enchanting garden city has attracted many people particularly the tourists to visit this enchanted island. Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in Southeast Asia but visiting Singapore can give you a wonderful travel experience.

There are also different festivals that are worth seeing. These different festivals are the eclectic or the Buskers Festival to the artistic or Singapore Arts Festival and the Singapore Night Festival. There is also the musical or Mosaic Music Festival. Singapore offers free entertainment for their guests and visitors the whole year round.

Other things that you can do to make your stay in Singapore really memorable include:
• Visit the conservatories and the treetop walkway at the showstopping Eco Park, Gardens by the Bay
• Visit the overgrown tombs at Bukit Brown Cemetery. Bukit Brown was Singapore’s largest Chinese cemetery before. As of this date it is already a birding and wildlife spot.
singapore temples• Wonder at Singapore’s most atmospheric temples- these includes:
1. the Sri Mariamman Temple which is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple
2. The Thian Hock Keng, Singapore’s oldest Chinese temple
3. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See- a working monastery

You can also have a chance to visit the National Museum of Singapore where you can see the National Museum’s permanent collection by paying $6. Visit also the National University of Singapore Museum which shows historical artifacts and the Lee Kong Chian art gallery.

There are many things to explore and uncover as you visit Singapore. How this Lion City has emerged from a fishing village to a great Lion City is for you to discover.


kate middletonWhile planning your next travel destination, if your mind get struct on a place where you get a mix and match of royalty with street culture, history and modernization, classic art galleries and trendy shopping centers, how about London? London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. With marvelous historical architecture of the Roman times and new sky scrapper buildings, London serves you with everything you desire from your holiday.

Other than the regular famous landmarks in London, which includes the famous river Thames, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London eye, the city has lots to offer to its viewer. The Victoria and Albert Museum, the Hyde park, the Kew gardens, tower of London, House of Parliament, etc. And not to forget the residence of the Royals, the Buckingham palace is an interesting experience. Tickets can be bought online for the Buckingham tour that takes you through the State rooms, the Royal Garden and exhibits of queen’s wardrobes, various lectures and activities, etc.

If you are an art lover like i was told by my friend while we walking towards Insulation dyersburg TN, the city of Royals is for you! Free thinking art including the theater, contemporary, music, poetry, writing, design and architecture and even the food art innovations can readily be admired on the streets of the city or at the number of art galleries, museums and performing art theaters in London. Some of these includes the British museum, National Gallery, Museum of London, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert museum, Prince Edward theater, Lyceum theater, playhouse theater, the Old Vic theater, etc. to name a few.

Where central London is the galleries, museum, political and business hub with high buildings, the Homestead heath or the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park gives you the feel of wide green expanded gardens. Hampton Court palace or the Richmond Palace are one of those beautiful riverside pub locations in London.

Being a city which is home for people coming from a variety of cultures and nations, you can get all sort of food at London. From luxurious five star treats, to the yummy street food, from authentic culture specific food shops to fancy themed cafes and bars along with the big fast food chain, you name it and get it in London. All kind of food including, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Indian, Afghani, etc. is easily available in all parts of London.  According to a major survey conducted in year 2015 London is among top cities visited by travelers all around the world with the total estimated spending of US$20.23 billion. Tourism is one of the major Industries in London.

For the feel of Royalty along with the experience mix and match of various cultures, London is the ultimate destination.


7_tobaTrekking is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a fit body, a sound mind and the right attitude. There are so many un-touched sceneries around the world that are worth exploring. But to explore these naturally blessed eye treat sights one needs to be a serious walker. And for all the dare devils who love to walk and admire nature closely , this one is for you! Here we are discussing seven best trekking sites all around the world as we discussed at La Vermia Restaurants .

Everest Base Camp, Nepal
When it comes to trekking we think of the beautiful mountain hills around the world and this brings us to the world’s highest peak, the Everest. With the basecamp in Nepal, this is a 3 weeks trek is difficult yet worthy because of its unmatchable sceneries. Once, completed gives you the pride of trekking the world’s highest mountain!

Indian Himalayas, India
Unlike the Nepal side of the Himalayas and everest which is filled with local traffickers, the Indian side is a lonely planet. If enjoying the trek and admiring the nature in peace and isolation is what you want, Indian Himalayas are for you. However, this one is not easy and calls for hardcore trekkers. It takes 24 days to complete the rural trade route trek from Spiti to Ladakh.

Overland Track, Australia
The 80 km long trek stretching between Cradle mountain and Lake St Clair is a treat to watch. The lakes, the treks, extensive forest line is the best example of prehistoric wilderness.

Routeburn Track, New Zealand
This 32km, three day long trek is paradise in earth. What act as the icing on the cake is that the trek passes from two national parks. The Fiordland and Mt Aspiring. The is so popular that it is hard to get in the list of those permitted to walk and enjoy this amazing work of nature.

The Narrows, USA
The adventure and experience that one acquires by completing this trek is unmatchable. This is a 26km long journey through dramatic canyons. The hike is more of swimming and walking through the Virgin river in the Zion national park. The camp also has got twelve camp ground for the campers to enjoy the springs and beauty if these natural parks.

The Haute route, France- Switzerland
This is a stretch from Charmonix  in France to Zermatt in Switzerland. It mainly involved pass hopping and hence you should be extremely fit in order to able to pass this trek which is more commonly used during the summer time than the winters.

GR20 France
If you are admirer of natural diversity this 15days long trek is for you. On  this trek you will get forests, windswept craters, torrents, peat bogs, glacial lakes, snow capped peaks and what not? It’s a full fledge package.

Cape Cod

Light house on Cape Cod, MA. USA

Continually shaped by ocean currents, this windswept land of sandy beaches and dunes has compelling natural beauty. Everyone comes for the seaside, yet the crimson cranberry bogs, forests of birch and beech, freshwater ponds, and marshlands that grace the interior are just as splendid. Local history is fascinating; whale-watching provides an exhilarating experience of the natural world; cycling trails lace the landscape; shops purvey everything from antiques to pure kitsch; and you can dine on simple fresh seafood, creative contemporary cuisine, or most anything in between.

There’s something for every traveler on Cape Cod, the iconic crescent-shaped peninsula at the easternmost edge of Massachusetts: Families seeking calm head to Cape Cod Bay on the peninsula’s quieter north side, party people converge at Falmouth or Wellfleet and art lovers (and nature lovers) head to Provincetown. With miles and miles of pristine beaches, quaint towns and fishing villages, Cape Cod is a favorite summer getaway for East Coast day-trippers and long-weekenders. Most are regulars, drawn back again and again by the Cape’s unpretentious charm. Here’s how to spend the perfect weekend in this all-American coastal getaway.

With its dune-lined beaches, atmospheric towns filled with shingled cottages, and quaint seafood shacks, it’s no wonder Cape Cod has been capturing the imagination of vacationers for many generations. Jutting into the Atlantic Ocean from the easternmost edge of Massachusetts, this crescent-shaped peninsula has a timeless appeal. Family-friendly and LGBT-friendly, it’s a favorite summer escape for travelers in search of the quintessential beach getaway. Whatever you’re looking for—a day trip, a long-weekend visit, or an immersive weeklong holiday—Cape Cod delivers.

Each town has a distinct personality. The biggest, Hyannis, is famous as the home of the Kennedy clan. From there you can catch a ferry to nearby Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. Families tend to favor low-key spots like Dennis, Yarmouth, and Harwich. Picture-perfect Brewster is nicknamed the Sea Captains’ Town for its former residents. Set on Cape Cod’s elbow, seaside Chatham is classic New England, with picturesque lighthouse and a bandstand on the village green for Friday night concerts. Curiously, Wellfleet is where shrinks from around the region decamp every August.


Vietnam’s Natural Wonder Halong Bay


Many visitors traveling for Vietnam will have one priority in mind, a trip to Halong Bay, a designated UNESCO worldwide Heritage location. This natural phenomenon is said to have been made by the erosion over many millions of years of layer of limestone over one thousand metres thick. What remains today is nearly two thousands enormous and islets pillars of rock, many over hundred metres in height, that increase vertically above the surface of the sea.

Images of Ha Long Bay are broadly accessible in travel agent guide books, brochures and online websites. Photographs can present something of the beauty of this geological phenomenon but cannot pass on the impression of majesty and scale experienced by sailing between and under these towering marine mountains. There are reputed to be several species of animals and plants that are indigenous to this special ecosystem.

One creature that the visitor has a best chance to see is a little monkey that inhabits the vertical cliff face and hanging vegetations nearby a big circular lagoon that resembles the water-filled hole of an extinct volcano. This phenomenon can be discovered by taking a kayak and entering from the sea by a natural tunnel via the rock wall. Further to watching the remarkably agile antics of monkeys.

It is not shocking that Halong Bay has been prized by some many different organizations over the years.  It was voted as one of the 7 seven wonders of natural in an international Poll. Time, CNN magazine and many globe travel firms have added it in their best 10 destinations anywhere on earth.

Tourism over the years has climbed amazingly, and the top season the Bay can expect to view about 8000 visitors per day. 100s of trip boat now job in the area providing many to chance to cruise around the full area in full luxury. The standard of these vessels is extremely high indeed. Following on from safety scares a few years ago, hard regulations have been put in area. The old boats are missing are band new ones are changing them. High tech in every way, they incorporate the extremely best of safety specs and crews and captains are very well professional.

Halong Bay is pretty simply, one of the perfect vacation destinations in the globe. Travelers will enjoy its amazing beauty, flora and fauna whenever they go. It makes a best change though, to find a really best place that is not fully governed by the time in which you visit.

Water Softeners for San Antonio Hard Water

BioTech Water Researchers is dedicated to providing you the finest quality water and water softeners in the greater San Antonio area for your home use.  Wherever you live and are looking for water softeners or reverse osmosis filtration systems in San Antonio area, we are here to help. From San Antonio, to New Braunfels to Buda and all over the greater San Antonio Area, hard water is a major issue.  We have a variety of systems that address whatever need you may have.  Be sure to read our water softener reviews!

Wherever you are in the greater San Antonio area, whether Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, New Braunfels  or Boerne, BioTech Water Researchers can solve your bad water problems with our fully guaranteed water softener, filter or reverse osmosis system.   Only after thorough testing of your water and listening to your specific water problems and requirements will our experts prescribe the ideal system for your household.   The best quality available and full guarantees will save you time and money and eliminate water problems such as water spots, rust, bad odors, dry skin, overuse of cleaners and damaged plumbing fixtures.

  • Water Softener
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
  • Carbon Filter (De-Chlorination)
  • Iron Filter
  • Disinfecting System

​Hard water is water that is high in mineral content. Typically Calcium & Magnesium. This condition is very  prevalent in the greater San Antonio area.

Hard Water is not only bad tasting, but there are  also  many other affects it has in day to day life:

  • Hard water causes soaps & detergents to be less effective, causing you to use more which costs you more money.
  • Hard water leaves calcium deposits in showers, ​on counters, glassware, dishes and more.​
  • Hard water can do damage to pipes and plumbing which leads to costly repairs.





Visiting India’s Rich Culture

India is the second most populated country in the whole world. India’s population is a mixture of races. Its geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity vary. India’s traditions and landscapes have been getting the interests of many people. For instance, people who have just tasted what India is all about will never forget India.

India offers many things or activities that travelers would always welcome to do. India’s magnificent terrain is breathtaking. The Northern mountain peaks, down to the sprawling sun-washed beaches of the southern coast are awesome. India offers great outdoor life.

India has been a host of the world’s amazing devotional celebrations where city parades are held to celebrate different events of the religious calendar.

One interesting point that has really amazed India’s visitors is the way India has preserved the remains of the culture which started many years ago. India is a special country where you can find the best handicrafts that you would want to buy. They have the best store which can give you the best Craftghar’s handicraft. These handicrafts are delicately crafted to make each piece a masterpiece. This can be used as house decorations, a gift or a token or a souvenir.

indiaWhile in India, you’ll have to visit some of its important places such as:

• Rajasthan
• Goa and Mumbai
• Tamil Naddu and Chennai
• Maharashtra
• West Bengal and Darjeeling
• Delhi
• Goa
• Himachal Pradesh
• Kerala
• Karnataka and Bengaluru
• Uttar Pradesh
• Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
• Jammu and Kashmir
• Udaipur and Southern Rajasthan
• Southern Karnataka
• Andra Pradesh
• Ladakh
• Northeast States
• Jaipur
• Haryana and Punjab
• Northern Tamil Nadu
• Chennai

Talking about food and cuisine, India offers you the best cuisine where you can really indulge and nourish yourself. If you’re really hungry, you can try the variety of dishes which were all prepared and presented different styles.

Visiting Disneyland

Who says that Disneyland is only for the young ones? Well, Disneyland is also the perfect place not only for the young ones,  but also for the “young once” and the “young at heart”.

Disneyland has many things to offer that can make your stay truly fun and memorable. You can enjoy a truly exciting experience in the exotic and the classical Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure Park. Staying within the Downtown Disney District can make your vacation truly magical.

The idea of visiting Disneyland can make you experience the feeling of the “and they live happily ever after” experience. The Disneyland Park or the Godaysod Neighbor Hotels can give you the best accommodation.

To give you the best services, the Disneyland Resort Hotel offers affordable vacation packages for you and the whole family. They give you a chance to enjoy the theme park admission, benefits and special gifts and surprises. Their packages include an accommodation for three persons at the 3 Disneyland Resorts Hotels: Disney’s Grand California Hotel and Spa, The Disneyland Hotel and the Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

disneylandAside from the enjoying the best accommodation, you can also get Theme Park Tickets. Hotel Benefits which include complimentary fitness center access, sparkling pools, suitable entrance for the hotel guest to Disney California Adventure Park  entrance.

To really enjoy your stay in Disneyland, you have to be at the Disneyland Park or Disneyland, California Adventure Park early or an hour before the park opens. This will be possible if you have a valid theme park admission and an active hotel room key.

You can also enjoy sports viewing, fine dining and entertainment at the ESPN Zone which is located in the Downtown Disney District. There are other  special gift items that awaits you which you can bring home.